Merit Scholarships

Your Student’s College Experience Could Be Like This…

Graduates!What if your student:

    • Got into great colleges?
    • Knew who they were now and who they wanted to become?
    • Felt validated for their achievements?
    • Developed life skills that come from “putting skin in the game” and contributing to the cost of college?
    • Was on their way to realizing their potential?

    Imagine the peace of mind knowing you’re giving your student the best advantages in life—even more than you had—to thrive in college and beyond.

    Nancy PaulI’m Nancy Paul, founder of Three Wishes Scholarships, and I help families make their dreams of college and a bright future come true.

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming of your student going to a great college where they flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, since they were a toddler.

    We’ve always wanted to give our kids the best advantages and college is certainly no exception. But we also want to be smart about how we pay for it.

    Three Wishes Scholarships—named in honor of my three daughters—puts students like yours in the best possible position to get into more schools, pay less for college, and feel empowered by using their achievements to cut college costs.

    Merit Scholarship Impact

    The financial benefits can be mind-blowing. The personal impact is priceless.

    Together, my daughters won nearly $600,000 in merit scholarships—money for college based on achievement. Being recognized for their own successes created more successes that money can’t buy.

    My girls are the inspiration for Three Wishes Scholarships and the driving force in my commitment to helping other goal-oriented families slash college costs with their student’s achievements. Each of my daughters is unique. So are your kids. Let’s create a custom plan just for them!

    Our programs range from supportive group environments to customized private coaching.

    We use a variety of strategies to help families:

      • Sleep better at night knowing their student is doing what it takes now to get into more schools, pay less for college, and feel validated for their achievements
      • Design an aggressive game plan to slash college costs
      • Preserve their lifestyle by cutting the cost of college
      • Navigate step-by-step action plans to uncover the student’s interests and goals
      • Find and qualify for more merit scholarships from colleges and private groups
      • Create opportunities for hands-on experience to pinpoint college majors and career goals (and avoid the cost of changing majors)
      • Feel supported with an advocate in their corner to guide the whole family through all the ins, outs, and upside-downs of figuring out how to make their student stand out so they get into more schools and leverage their achievements so they pay less


    I became that advocate for my girls; I have been for many students since—and I can be for you too.

    Sadly for some, there are no “do-overs” in preparing for college. Winning at the college game means doing the right things at the right time starting in middle school.

    Plan early for less stress and more success later!


    Let’s connect to empower your child for life!

    Call me now at (855) 4-3WISHES so we can talk about how my training, resources, and dedicated support can empower your child for life.

    Even if you can pay full price for college, why would you want to?